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Touch Pointer

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Update Info

  • Fixed a bug that crash when the app is auto start in the Android 6.0.

Easy to operate the large screen with one hand! Assist your operation strongly.
Regarding Android 6.0:
It does not correspond to activate the function of the touch pointer using ADB at present.
Users who use non-root device, please be careful at the time of the update to Android 6.0.

In order to enable the touch pointer, the following equipment is required.
1. Rooted device or
2. A PC (Win / Mac) and a USB cable that communicates between the PC and smartphone.

This allows the touch operation of place that does not reach the one-handed operation.
The user indicates the location where you want to touch by moving the pointer.

Tap can be run by the following simple operation.
Touch the pointer ⇒ Move the pointer ⇒ Release the pointer
Operation of tap, long tap, swipe and drag is also possible.
If you set Android device by using the following activation tool from PC, you will be able to correspond to a non-rooted device.

There are two types of paid version, named pro, and free version in this app.
Free version: Touch Pointer
Paid version: Touch Pointer Pro

Paid version
In paid version adds the following functions.
The following touch function will be added:
Double tap, pinch out, pinch in.
In addition, command function will be added.

How to enable the pointer
Initial setting is required to use the Touch Pointer.
Procedure of activation will be displayed by touching the pointer. Please complete the initial configuration in accordance with the procedure.
If a device is non-rooted, you will need to download the activation tool from your PC.
It is recommended that you download in advance.

For Windows: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=no_antivirus&id=0Bz6z1wAl2HY4aEFGaDFoS2N1WDQ
For Macintosh: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=no_antivirus&id=0Bz6z1wAl2HY4NGNpUS1lM3o3RkU

For pointer operation method, please refer to the manual that is displayed after the completion of the pointer activation.

For trouble reports of pointer
Since the touch pointer is operating in a special way, this app may not work properly in some devices.
In order to accurately grasp the trouble information, please contact us by e-mail from the following location.
"Contact us" of "Other" category in app settings screen.
Even if you are reporting a trouble, we may take a long time to modify the app, or may not be able to support.
Caution: If the app crashes, please send a report from the dialog that appears when it crashes.

ON/OFF cooperation functions
By installing the following apps, you can set the timing to OFF the app.
 • ON/OFF Module

Please check the items you want to cooperation from "ON / OFF cooperation" in the app settings screen after installation.

About Security
During use of this app, a part of system buttons will be locked by the Android security.
For example, such as when installing an app from the apk file
By installing the following app, you can unlock a locked button without stopping this app.
 • Install Button Unlocker