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Slide Notes

Latest: ver4.9Download

Update Info

  • Fixed a bug that can not link with Support Tool.
  • Fixed the crash bugs.

You can take notes quickly any time without returning to the home screen.
When you start this app once, this note is displayed by the slide operation at any time.

Since the screen of the notes can be displayed instantly, you can take notes and confirm notes in a short period.
Since this app is displayed in front of the other apps, for example, you can take notes or confirm notes while watching a web page in a browser app.
Since the mark of the app is displayed at anytime, you would not forget that you noted.

There are two types of paid version, named pro, and free version in this app.
Free version: Slide Notes
Paid version: Slide Notes Pro

Paid version
Collaboration with Google Tasks is possible.
By setting the account in the settings screen, this app synchronizes with Google Tasks.

Operating procedures for the slide display
Slide is displayed by touching the triangle mark or swiping to the center of the screen from the position of the triangle mark.
If the slide does not appear, please try the following settings:
• Check the "Up touch sensitivity" in the "Mark functions" on the setting screen
• Select the bigger number for "Width" in the "Mark design" on the setting screen.

If you need a detailed description of the feature, please refer to the "Manual" in the "Information" on the setting screen.

ON/OFF cooperation functions
By installing the following apps, you can set the timing to OFF the app.
 • ON/OFF Module

Please check the items you want to cooperation from "ON / OFF cooperation" in the app settings screen after installation.

About Security
During use of this app, a part of system buttons will be locked by the Android security.
For example, such as when installing an app from the apk file
By installing the following app, you can unlock a locked button without stopping this app.
 • Install Button Unlocker