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Volume Key Launcher

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Update Info

  • Fixed the license activation process.

This is a launcher app to use the volume key. Various functions can be assigned.
You can use this app without root. You need to enable the accessibility function in order to use.

Let's more convenient Android by effective use of the volume key.

Please set up by the following procedure.

1. Turn on the switch on top-right corner in the screen of Volume Key Launcher.
2. "Confirmation" dialog is displayed. Then choose OK button.
3. Accessibility screen is opened. Please select the Volume Key Launcher item from the list.
4. Turn on the switch on the top-right corner.
5. "Use Volume Key Launcher?" dialog is displayed. Then choose OK button.
Caution: In case of using Android 5.0 or later, OK button can not be selected if the floating app is running. Please stop the floating apps.

Volume Key Launcher set-up was completed.
After returning to the Volume Key Launcher, please free to assign a function that you want to run.

Operation method
It is possible to switch the app / function to be executed by changing the click method of the volume key.

"1 Click" and "1 Long Click" means the normal click and long click.
"2 Clicks" means two consecutive click.
"2 Long Click" means the first click, then long click.

Basic functions
・Launcher function
This app has the following launcher functions:
launch the apps, the shortcuts and the assist apps,
uninstall apps, kill background processes, etc.

・Pattern creation
You can create and save various patterns to be assigned to a volume key.

・Automatic pattern switching
The pattern created by user is switched automatically when switching apps.
Please assign a pattern after selecting the app from the target list.

・Excluded from target
App to use the volume keys, such as music player is available to function as a normal volume key by excluding from this app.

・Key registration function
Physical keys can be used to the launcher as well as volume key after registration.

Paid functions
Paid functions can be used as a trial during the 24 hours.
After that you need to purchase.

・Function expansion
This app has the following functions:
execution of a button, such as the back key home key,
input auxiliary function, such as copy, cut and paste,
system support functions, such as on / off of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, etc.

・Assignable quantity expansion
Up to 10 clicks and 10 long clicks can be increased for assign.

・Wake up function
It is possible to wake up using the volume keys.
This function is only available on the volume keys.
Also, it may not be available in some devices.

・Remove ads
The ads will be removed.
After the payment, ads never display.

About Device Administrator Permission
This app uses the device administrator permission for the "Screen off" function.
This app cannot be uninstalled in the usual way while device administrator permission is activated.
If you want to uninstall, please perform one of the following methods.
(a) Select "Settings"> "Security"> "Device Administrators"> "Volume Key Launcher" in Android settings and deactivate the device administrator permission.
(b) Select "Uninstall" on this app menu.